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Bleecker Double Cheeseburger

double cheeseburger

Double beef, double cheese, onion & house sauce

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best burger in London
time out 2023

best burger in London
evening standard 2022

perfect with

angry fries.jpeg

angry fries

Fries with hot sauce & blue cheese sauce

why not try

Blue Burger copy.jpg

Blue Burger

Beef, blue cheese, onion, lettuce & house sauce

shake pairing

Double chocolate

Bleecker soft serve, whole milk & valrhona chocolate

Commitment to the burger

At every stage of the supply chain, our beef is well looked after. It starts at the farms. Our beef comes from independent farmers who spend years raising Dexter, Hereford, and South Devon cows. These native breeds are grass-fed, foraging and grazing naturally. After the cows leave the farm, they come to our butcher, Aubrey Allen, where they are aged on the bone for between 25 and 40 days, drawing out moisture for a more concentrated beefy flavour.

After the beef is aged, an exact recipe of different cuts is made to create our beef patties. Our farmers and butcher spend so much time making our beef outstanding, and it is our job to showcase this brilliance in our burgers.

Our buns are just as important. After trying hundreds of burger buns, we found our perfect match in a Malaysian bakery in London. Baked daily, these buns allow our beef to shine while keeping the structure of the burger intact.

And let's not forget the fries. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, our fries come in as whole potatoes and are hand-cut on site. We have no heat lamps at Bleecker, so your fries are cooked fresh when you order them.

angry house house fries.jpg

our story

In 2010, while working as a corporate lawyer in New York City, Zan Kaufman tried the best burger she had ever eaten at Zaitzeff in the East Village. This ignited a passion, leading her to learn everything about crafting the perfect burger.


Zan moved to London in 2012, left her career behind, bought an old van, and started grilling up burgers for hungry Londoners. This was the beginning of Bleecker St. Burger. By 2015, we opened our first permanent spot in Old Spitalfields Market.

Bleecker burger

At Bleecker, double cheeseburgers are only part of the puzzle. For over a decade, we’ve been serving up some of London’s finest burgers, fries and shakes, but everything we do is driven by our vision to have an equal world, where Bleecker is the best burger.

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