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Berenjak X Bleecker one-night-only

Updated: 4 days ago

Berenjak X Bleecker

We're so excited to announce our next one-night-only collaboration event of 2024...

Bleecker X Berenjak

Berenjak reinterprets the flavours of Tehran’s hole-in-the-wall kabab houses, with a menu of mazeh sharing plates and charcoal grilled kababs.


With an Iranian family heritage, much of Berenjak founder, Kian’s, childhood and family life was filled with memories of large family meals where he would help his mother prepare the food – chopping herbs and skewering kababs to create Iranian dishes from his parents’ backgrounds.

 Kian is bringing these flavours to his Bleecker menu, and you won't want to miss it...Add Friday 5th July to your calendars.

- MENU -

The Kebab Shop Fries

Bleecker double-cooked fries, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, onion salad and pickled chillis.

The Berenjak Burger


Bleecker bun with American cheese, a Berenjak Koobideh patty, grilled tomato relish, white onion and our signature House Sauce


Revealed soon


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