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Updated: May 18, 2019

Press release from Hospitality Action

On Friday 1st March London burger chain Bleecker will donate all of its profits to industry charity Hospitality Action. The charity supports those in need across the hospitality industry including those facing mental health problems and addiction.

This heartfelt fundraising initiative is in memory of Bleecker founder Zan Kaufman’s brother Mark who passed away in 2017. Zan comments:

“My brother Mark worked his entire life in hospitality. From being a room service runner to managing restaurants, it was what he liked to do and where he fitted in. He spent a summer working at Bleecker too. Mark was charming and funny and had a talent for commanding the attention of a room. He loved his maître d' role, where he was especially popular with the older ladies of Miami Beach. 

“Mark suffered from mental illness and addiction. In 2017, he overdosed and passed away at 35 years of age. Hospitality accepted Mark when other fields wouldn’t. It allowed him to stay himself whilst still struggling with this disease. For this I am grateful.

Mark's 37th birthday is March 1st. On this day, Bleecker will donate all of its profits to Hospitality Action to help support and build awareness around mental health and addiction.”

Giuliana Vittiglio, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Hospitality Action adds: “We receive heart breaking pleas for support from people just like Mark on a daily basis and we are truly grateful to Zan for nominating us to receive the funds raised. This generous method of fundraising is a great way to remember Mark and will go a long way towards supporting many more just like him.”

How we help £100 will buy basic clothing and waterproof shoes for someone in need. £250 will buy baby items for a new mum with no one else to turn to. £500 will pay for a respite holiday for the carer of a sick or disabled relative. £1,000 will help towards the cost of an unexpected funeral.


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