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In 2010 I tried the best burger I had ever eaten. I was working as a corporate lawyer in New York City and the burger was at Zaitzeff, an East Village burger joint. Soon, I started moonlighting there in my free time. I wanted to know everything about this burger: how it was made, where the ingredients came from and how it tasted so damn good. 


When I moved to London in 2012, I decided to leave my previous career behind for good. I bought an old van, converted it into a food truck and then this

loud-mouthed American broad started grilling up burgers for hungry Londoners. This was the beginning of Bleecker St. Burger.


Burgers are about the beef. We use rare-breed, grass-fed beef from small farms in the UK. It's dry aged and cooked when you order, giving it an intense, beefy flavour. The finishing touches: a sesame seed bun, scratch burger sauce and good old American cheese. 

We spent years working our asses off in the truck, and finally, in 2015, we opened our first permanent spot, a burger kiosk in Old Spitalfields Market. And in 2017, we added a 20-seater takeout joint in Victoria and 30-seater in the new Bloomberg building. We’re proud to have built all of these shops off our own backs.

At Bleecker, burgers are only part of the puzzle.

Watch our full vision here.

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