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Bleecker Double Cheeseburger



At every stage of the supply chain, our beef is well looked after. It starts at the farms. Our beef comes from independent farmers who spend years raising their cows. All of these cows are native breeds. The breeds we most often use at Bleecker are Dexter, Hereford and South Devon.

All of our cows are grass-fed on the farms. This means they have a natural diet, which they forage and graze for themselves. After the cows leave the farm, they come into our butcher where it is aged on the bone for between 25 and 40 days. This process draws out the moisture leaving a more concentrated beefy flavor.

After the beef is aged, an exact recipe of different cuts is made to make our beef. Our farmers and butcher spend so much time making our beef outstanding, and it is our job to showcase this brilliance to you in our burgers.


It wasn’t until minced beef was sandwiched between 2 slices of bread that the hamburger was created. Zan tried hundreds of burger buns before stumbling into a Malaysian bakery in London and creating the bun we have today. Baked daily in London, our perfect bun lets our beef shine whilst still keeping the structure of the burger together.


Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, our fries come in as whole potatoes and are hand cut in site​.

We have no heat lamps at Bleecker, so your fries are cooked when you order them. 


Similar to us, Square Root started in 2012 with Ed and Robyn bringing their hand juiced sodas to the streets of London. They've grown in size but they still buy in whole fruits,


In ​2015, together we created Bleecker Iced-T Lemonade which is available at all our locations. At home this is known as an Arnold Palmer, here it's a taste of the summer all year around.


Vanilla is used for our Vanilla ​and Black & White shake. Nielsen Massey vanilla is sourced from the world’s primary vanilla-growing countries, which in order of production include Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti. Not only did we find this to be the best in testing, they have just launched a sustainability project in Madagascar which you can read about here


The choice ​for top pastry chefs and bakers, we use Valrhona chocolate in our Black & White shake. Valrhona have been making the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922, and they pursue a policy of direct trade with farmers in accordance with the principles of Fair Trade. 


W​e take our social responsibility very seriously at Bleecker and since 2017 have been working towards removing all single use plastic. Our milkshake cup, lid, straw and pint cups are all plant based and biodegradable. Watch a video of how it's made on YouTube.

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