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Yard sale pizza x Bleecker - The Bleecker Birthday Pizza

Updated: May 10

Yard Sale Pizza is officially marking 10 YEARS...

A Yard Sale Pizza topped with Bleecker Burger toppings

From their humble beginnings in Clapton back in 2014 to being hailed as London's Favourite Pizza and expanding to 12 locations across the city, it's been quite the journey.

To celebrate this milestone, we're diving into our favourite tradition: collabs.

We're excited to introduce The Bleecker Birthday Pizza. This partnership brings together the best of Bleecker and Yard Sale Pizza – it's the ultimate combination of London's finest.

The Bleecker Birthday Pizza is topped with a chopped Bleecker beef patty, our signature secret seasoning, diced white onions & then finished with our very own house sauce, on Yard Sale's classic tomato and fior di latte mozzarella base.

A Yard Sale Pizza in a box with Bleecker Burger toppings

But don't worry, veggies, we've got you covered too! The veggie option is just as delicious, but with our Symplicity patty instead.

This Yard Sale Pizza x Bleecker special will hit ALL Yard Sale Pizza shops on WEDNESDAY 8TH MAY.

Plus, £1 from every Bleecker Birthday Pizza sold will be donated to The Outside Project – a vital LGBTIQ+ Community Shelter, Centre, and Domestic Abuse Refuge. It's our way of giving back.


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