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Melissa Thompson X Bleecker one-night-only

Updated: Apr 4

We're so excited to announce our first one-night-only collaboration event of 2024...

It's Melissa Thompson!

Melissa is an award-winning food writer and live fire cook.

Her debut cookbook, Motherland, was published in September 2022 and the evolution of Jamaican food, from the island’s indigenous population to today alongside the recipes.

She has penned powerful articles on the British food industry that became focal points for important discussions around identity, diversity and inclusivity. She has won the Guild of Food Writers’ Food Writing award and was named PPA’s Food Writer of the Year. 

She is a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, is a columnist for BBC Good Food magazine and regular recipe writer for The Guardian.

This is not a collaboration you want to miss...Add Thursday 18th April to your calendars.

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The Scallion and Scotchie Fries


Bleecker double-cooked fries, dusted with Scotch bonnet, thyme & spring onion powder, topped with Melissa's garlic & shallot mayo, and crispy shallots.

The Cassava Crisp Burger

Bleecker beef patty with scotch bonnet & thyme crispy cassava, green seasoning mayo, tamarind jam and American cheese.


This isn't just about delicious food—it's also about giving back.


We're proud to support an incredible charity with all profits from the burger and fries: The Sickle Cell Society, dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by sickle cell disorder, a genetic condition affecting red blood cells' ability to carry oxygen, leading to pain episodes and increased risk of organ damage. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms and complications, with options like Hydroxyurea and bone marrow transplant for certain cases.


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