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Bleecker X Koya

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

a burger on a table with a japanese inspired poster

We've brought our Bloomberg Arcade neighbours, Koya, on board to create a one-night-only burger, fries and shake special.

For one night only.

Bleecker x Koya

Thursday 28th September, from 6pm at Bleecker Bloomberg Arcade.

curry sauce and triple pickle fries with a burger

- MENU -

Kinpira Burger: Bleecker beef patty & Koya carrot and daikon kinpira, with american cheese, house sauce & a nori sheet.

Curry Sauce and Triple Pickle Fries: Bleecker double-cooked fries, topped with Koya curry sauce & juniper cucumber, ginger beetroot and soy chilli.

Kumquat Shake: a citrusy fruit, with a sweet and tangy flavour profile paired with Bleecker soft serve

No tickets, first come first served until sell out.


All the profits from this burger, fries & shake will be donated to Hackney Food Bank in the fight for a hunger-free Hackney.

Head to the facebook event for more details.


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