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Join us Pride weekend as we launch Beer with Purpose

From 3pm on Friday 1st July, Bleecker Burger Victoria will be kicking off Pride weekend with the first event in their Beer with Purpose campaign, with beer writer & Certified Cicerone Melissa Cole. Melissa has carefully curated a limited beer selection with four breweries that are either owned by or support the LGBTQ+ community.

As Melissa explains, “This isn’t about ‘stick a flag on it’, it’s about engaging with businesses that actively seek the betterment of the whole queer community and, in buying their beers, you contribute to that too, so thank you.”

All profits from the beer sales will be donated to Stonewall; an organisation fighting for the freedom and equity of the LGBTQ+ community. Bleecker have partnered up with Stonewall to create an action plan that will help them take concrete steps in creating a truly equal workplace, where LGBTQ+ people are accepted without exceptions.

Zan Kaufman, who founded Bleecker in July 2012, said, "this year marks 50 years of UK pride. We reflect on the progress of the community but also consider how the community is under threat: hate crimes are on the rise, trans people's lives are being threatened and hard-fought rights are vulnerable. Tomorrow night we will be serving beers from breweries that put LGBTQ+ rights at the forefront of their businesses. Come down to our Victoria restaurant and toast to 50 years."

Over the weekend there will be a mix of both anthems and artists playing - a mix of decades from Gloria Gaynor, up to Lil Nas X, and everything in between.

The beers will be from Queer Brewing Co, Lost and Grounded, Drop Project and Big Smoke. Available at Bleecker Victoria from 3pm on Friday 1st July, through Pride weekend, while stocks last.

Bleecker Victoria, 205 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NE

Open Friday & Saturday 11am - 11pm. Sunday 11am - 10pm.


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